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As a youngster, I excelled in athletics, gymnastics, and handball. However, it was my career as a semi-pro footballer that really kickstarted my love of fitness. Football showcased how my mindset toward my health, my potential, and my goals mattered. A passion for coaching, personality traits, and why we do what we do, was set alight. 


Today, as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, my 360˚ approach to fitness focuses on how the right kind of exercise, or rather, the right kind of habit can save a life. Mental coaching is a big part of our training together. We will get to grips with what intrinsically motivates you and how we can align your fitness aims with your life goals.


Currently, I coach clients all over London with sessions taking place outdoors, at home, near the office, and online. International clients enjoy and thrive through my online programs. 

Together we will create a plan that suits your schedule, your commitments, and your goals. 

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