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Personal Training

Personal training should be a life-changing experience, but finding the right trainer you can trust with your time and money can be challenging. 

Reviews and recommendations do not necessarily project whether the personality of the trainer and the trainee match. I always recommend having an initial chat to see if we could work together. 



What to expect from TrainlikeRoland Personal Training?




Trainlikeroland Personal Training is focusing on the individual only. If we both agree after the initial chat that we could work together, we start with a fitness assessment. This is to identify your development areas and to map out the way to your personal fitness goal.

Based on the assessment, I provide clear and honest feedback on your fitness level and we can start the work from there. For the piece of mind, YOUR fitness plan is built around YOUR personal needs and lifestyle so that you don't need to sacrifice other important things when embarking on this new journey.

Areas of Expertise

  • Rehabilitation and Pain Relief

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Performance and Sport-Specific Training

  • Pre and Post Natal Training

  • Lifestyle Coaching

Starter Packages

45 mins

10 sessions

45 mins

20 sessions

60 mins

10 sessions

60 mins

20 sessions

Do you have further questions?

Great! I look forward to speaking with you.

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