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April 2016

After years of endless cardio and still being unhappy with how I looked, my aim when I started training with Roland was to strengthen my upper body and back muscles. I worked with Roland for a few months, having weekly sessions focusing on my target areas, as well as my core and lower body. The sessions were tough and pushed me out of my comfort zone (I did swear a lot!) but as the weeks went on, I became more confident and more determined to meet my goals.  Roland is a great motivator and knows how to get results.  A few months later and I am stronger, happier and so much more confident. My attitude to exercise and food has completely changed - I now prepare the majority of my meals from scratch. I feel comfortable doing the exercises on my own, and Roland has inspired me to think of new ways to challenge my body even further. Thank you Roland!


December 2016

I can't recommend Roland highly enough - he's helped me transform my fitness level, and always has a new idea to keep the workouts fresh and interesting. Importantly for me, working with PT's in the past has always resulted in aggravating old injuries, but Roland was able to work around the problems.


April 2017

I was skeptical at first when Roland gave me his card after having one-too-many experiences with trainers who were either inflexible or inexperienced. However after only a month of training with him, to this day he is the best trainer I've ever had. He pays attention to detail which was key to reaching my fitness goals. He gave me an effective program to use on my own time which I still use months later, and most importantly Roland has the most positive and encouraging attitude towards health and fitness, which really empowers you. I could not recommend him enough.


March 2019

When I came to Roland I knew I needed to do something about my health and fitness but was unsure about how to approach it. Roland, with charm and good energy, jumped at the challenge. Over the course of a few months, Roland taught me about the correct way to work out the body, about how to approach the equipment in a gym, and also importantly, about nutrition. He managed to transform my body (and mind) over just a few sessions a week. I now feel confident knowing the right method to get to a healthier lifestyle.


October 2016

He helped me achieve goals in a timing I wouldn’t have believed possible. I saw the changes on my mind and body as well as on my health, energy level or stamina. Roland is very kind and is highly adaptable. Be it with regard to your goals, planning, schedule or fitness state. I realised he also adapt the session to the mood / energy level of the day so that I had an adapted and efficient WO while staying motivated and improving. He is also constantly motivating and distracting in a way that makes the 1 hour session goes very fast and so that I don’t feel like I’m working out and manage to achieve way more than I thought. Roland makes sure to follow up on you and build a track record so that you improve and track the improvement. Every WO are different never the same though I know I can do it myself alone too if I want thanks to Roland advice and materials. He provides a full set of advice be it on how to train, how to fulfil objective, how to eat, how to stretch after a WO and so on. I’m very happy with the evolution of my body and energy level that I noticed day after day thanks to the good advice of Roland. I see the difference, people see the difference. I also see the difference while playing other sports.


December 2016

I was a little unsure about going to see a personal trainer but needed to commit to a change and when a friend recommended I see Roland, I reluctantly agreed. It was a decision that I am so glad I made. Roland is a great guy, full of energy and committed to helping clients meet their objectives. We worked together for 8 weeks, working on a fitness and strength plan with a focus on diet. Roland was with me every step of the way, keeping me motivated and on track. In the 8 weeks my body fat dropped 6% and my strength and general wellbeing improved dramatically.


July 2019

Roland has been an amazing trainer and a great advisor regarding nutrition. He really cares about his clients and he is always trying to do his best to keep them happy, by exploring new and fun exercises. I would highly recommend Roland as a personal trainer!!

​ Daniel

January 2016

In January 2016 I decided to take my fitness seriously for the first time. I had been a member of various gyms over the past few years, but never made any significant progress. My goal was to make a tangible shift in my fitness levels, particularly upper body strength. Roland understood this and developed a plan that matched my goals. Our training sessions were varied, and pushed me into areas of the gym I had not ever expected to be a regular visitor of. This made a big difference to my view of exercise; previously I would spend 30 mins on a cross trainer and count that as my workout complete - now I am using many freestyle items and techniques in my full workout. Almost as important as the physical training was the nutritional plan. I may not have been 100% loyal to it, but Roland's regular encouragements and feedback has made a lasting difference to my view on food. Garbage in, garbage out!

Since finishing our sessions I can feel a real improvement in my health and fitness. I may not be a body-builder, but that was not my goal. I feel trimmer, more energised and proactive at work. I would highly recommend Roland to anyone wanting to push their fitness to the next level. He understands your goals, creates a complete plan to get you there and pushes you to limits you didn't think you would surpass. Thank you Roland!

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